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About Pocock Brewing... NOW OPEN!!

We Are Proud to Announce That We Are NOW OPEN!

We are Pocock Brewing Company – a family run craft brewery in Santa Clarita, CA. We start with a passion for quality craft beer, and a desire to share that beer with a thirsty public.

Taste evolves. Craftsmanship matters. Quality is essential. Choice is mandatory.

We witness these truths manifest themselves again and again in industries from technology, to food, to vacation experiences. Everywhere we look, there is evidence of these four ideals revolutionizing the way we enjoy our world. Beer sits poised on the cusp of this revolution and will not be ignored.

Yellow, fizzy, flavorless suds, peddled by scantily clad co-eds, no longer satisfy the American public. Brewers like Sam Adams, New Belgium, Stone and Karl Strauss have tested the waters. These brewers put their toes in and swam. They defined the need, created the demand and expanded a once flat industry. These pioneers cut a path and laid the ground work for the next generation of brewers to come along and fill the needs of the beer drinking world.

This is where we come in. Pocock Brewing Company is positioning itself to craft flavorful, surprising and exciting beer. Our beer will be enjoyed by drinkers throughout California — locally crafted beer delivered to local drinkers — keeping the beer as fresh and flavorful as possible before it hits the tongues of happy people.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this. We hope you will come visit and join us for a pint of one of our delicious brews soon!

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